Our Staff & Carers

Our Staff & Carers

30,000 Workers and a One-to-One Approach

Although we’re one of the UK’s largest providers of agency staff, we realise that our success is down to the individuals that work for us. Contact us to see if you’re eligible to work for us.

Head Office and Branch Personnel

Allied healthcare is directed, managed and serviced by a 800 strong work force – from our Head Office at Stone in Staffordshire to our extensive 100+ branch network.

Our Agency Workers

Continuous investment in the latest information and communication technology has helped us develop an extensive database of healthcare professionals especially to service our clients’ specific needs. Find out the requirements that all of our nurses and carers have.

All personnel are qualified, experienced, suitably skilled and most importantly compliant to industry standards, such as the Care Standards Act 2000 and the Government’s Purchasing and Supply Agency requirements. They also all agree to the Carer Compliance Documents.

Our Sponsors That Help To Improve Our Services

As a carer agency, there are many companies that generously provide us with grants to become to best that we can.

We are entirely grateful for all their kindness and without them we wouldn’t be able to care for all of those that we do.

Below is a list of those who have funded part of our work:

Please note: We have not received funding from all the businesses below, but we hope to soon.

Perfect Smile Studios:

Perfect Smile are also involved within the healthcare industry as they have numerous dentistry practices. They are specialised in cosmetic dentistry, such as cosmetic braces, read about their work and see what examinations are involved within their services. Click here.

Their funding goes towards the emergency department of our company and provides a fast response to patients that need it the most.


On a monthly basis, DirectGov provide us with a grant to put towards the facilities that we provide for our patients. This is spent on things such as accessible toilets, and activities that help improve their social life. Find out about their health schemes.


An accountings service that invest in our company so we can provide the most efficient service to our patients. Learn about their business and funding growth.

Their fundings are put towards the fees of our employees, and this also means we are able to employ higher qualified nurses to ensure our patients are not dealt with just anything and the best in London.

Contact us for further information about our carers service.