Past Organisations

Southwark Circle

The Southwark Circle was a membership community that helped each other out with life’s practical bits and pieces. It was also about learning new things, and enjoying your hobbies and interests with others in the community.

Membership included subscription to the monthly Member Calendar and newsletter, a free phone number for advice, support and recommendations, opportunities to meet other members and the access to the Neighbourhood Helpers service. See Becoming a Helper.

Southwark Circle was co-designed and tested with over 250 older people and their families, and developed by their partners at Participle Ltd. Since their launch in May of 2009, they have worked with hundreds of people. Southwark Circle is a membership organisation that relied on the commitment and involvement of their members.

Southwark Circle was a social enterprise registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company (CIC). Any profits made were re-invested in the community. They also received funding from Southwark Council to launch and develop a sustainable model.

Southwark Circle created a new way of doing things that aimed to help people lead the life they wanted to lead.

Southwark Circle closed in 2014


Other Organisations


Age UK is the country’s leading charity for older people. They have a helpline which provides advice and support and also arrange activities and social events in London and throughout the country. Age UK has a network of volunteers available offering companionship. You can volunteer your time or donate to the charity through their website.

Contact the Elderly is a registered charity which organises monthly tea parties across the country for people aged 75 and over. It’s a great service for those who are looking for regular social contact. Volunteers host the tea parties and can assist with transportation to and from the party. You can apply to attend a tea party, volunteer your time as a host or donate to the charity through their website.

You can also contact your local council to see what services they provide.