One of the most unbeatable dental practices in London

One of the most unbeatable dental practices in London

As private dentistry is becoming more and more popular, there has been a huge rise in practices across London. Although this makes it more accessible for people, it may make it harder to choose the perfect dental practice for you.

We have done our research and found one of the best practices in North London.

Maida Smiles

“In the words of Tina Turner, simply the best! A very friendly team which is always has the latest technology and is always delivering excellent results.” Mark H.

Their vision is to create long lasting smiles that are beautiful. The reason this team of dentists are so dedicated to their patients is because they believe confidence comes from a happy and healthy smile.  Find out more about them.

They deliver exceptional, friendly and dedicated patient care.

This practice offers a range of treatments including aesthetic, preventative and general dentistry.  Please call 020 3974 1777.


  1. Smile makeovers
  2. Dental veneers
  3. Braces
  4. Implants
  5. Facial aesthetics/skin clinic


  1. White fillings
  2. Root canal
  3. Crowns
  4. Fissure sealants
  5. Hygiene

Get to know their team

The principal dentist at Smile More Dental Care is Dr Paul Abrahams. Their orthodontist is the lovely Dr Becky Walker and the lady in charge of the practice is Manoosh Jalali.

Hygienists include: Treesa and Soraia.

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