Southwark Circle

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Meet some helpers

Meet some of our Helpers and see what they have to say about Southwark Circle. Scroll down to watch a video to learn more about becoming a Helper of Southwark Circle:
  • Meet Eric

    "Fixing leaky taps, putting up shelves and curtain rails, computer lessons, fixing door handles...the list goes on! With every task comes a different member, it's great meeting all these people"

  • Meet Ella

    "I am studying design at university and am particulary interested in garden design. This means I love helping members out in their gardens and being a bit creative with what we do. I have really enjoyed the jobs I have done so far and am looking forward to meeting more members"

  • Meet Mike

    "Being a Neighbourhood Helper fits in with the rest of my life as it is very flexible. I help members with all kinds of things from some light gardening, to tidying, clearing and sorting. Although these are only everyday household tasks, I get a real feeling of satisfaction from helping other people do them and from seeing that I can make a concrete difference. Whatever job I am doing, I love meeting all the interesting people that are part of Southwark Circle."

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