Caring for people with heart problems

People with heart problems often need extra care and support as having a heart problem can lead to negative thoughts and low moods. This may make them feel as if they are a nuisance as they may not be able to come to terms with their condition. But, by providing support you can make a real difference to their life. Find out about carers.

Even though you may be a carer for somebody else, it is important to look after yourself too. By not taking time out for yourself every once in a while, it can be emotionally and physically draining which can lead to you resenting helping others. Continue reading.

Who do you need to tell?

Contacting social services and informing them that you are a carer for a friend, relative or partner can help you. They can assist you in guiding you to claiming benefits you’re entitled to and helping you find support groups. Click here .

Get in touch with your GP, ask for an appointment and let them know what is going on. Your GP will be able to tell if your health is suffering as a setback. If it is damaging your emotional health, they can set up treatments to help too.

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Caring for those with cancer

Looking after somebody with a condition can be difficult, sometimes you feel you don’t know what to say or do, which can be hard for you, but even harder for the one suffering. By just being there, you are already being a massive help to them and their emotional well being. Find out more.

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Introduce this to your loved one and let them know that there are ways of making them feel confident and back to their old selves.